Violet Ultraviolet "Pop City"

by Hannah Liuzzo / Ryan Harrison


There’s always room in America’s heart for a classic singer-songwriter. Give us a memorable melody, a verse and a chorus, and a twangy guitar solo and we’re all bound to fall in love. Burlington Vermont’s Violet Ultraviolet is the recording project of Jake Brennan, a multi-instrumentalist whose ability to pull heart strings and tell a narrative is sweet and solemn.


What started as a collaboration between Brennan and Rob Voland in 2012 has evolved over time with varying line-ups and contributors. Brennan has called on multiple talents to assist in his vision both as a live band as well as in the studio. The new album Pop City is the impressive result of a two year effort between Brennan and producer/sound engineer/instrumentalist Ryan Power.


Stroke of Good Fortune is a song for the soul; Jake Brennan carries a balanced band on his rich and woeful voice, painting images and sentiments of longing and compromise. Between the textures of organ, vocal landscapes, and layered guitars, Stroke of Good Fortune will sweep over you like a heartfelt apology you’ve been waiting for.


Pop City will be released worldwide to vinyl/digital formats on June 3rd 2016 via Section Sign Records in Winooski, VT.