Vegans are a band I didn’t want to take too seriously. Some of their songs reference video games that I poured hours of my life into as a kid (Pokemon and Chrono Trigger for the uninitiated) and they have 666 in their URL. Bands that have that “whatever” attitude are pretty common, and so are bands that take themselves pretty seriously – The Vegans seem to find themselves on that middle ground because they’re really goooood.


Vegans are a Boston/Cambridge band that kind of reminds you of old DC punk mixed with some 2000’s indie/grunge, lots of cool guitar riffs over upbeat song structures and really smooth transitions.


They self-released an online EP entitled “Touchy Subject” about a month ago.  The majority of the EP makes me want to play Tony Hawk and drink beer.  The song “See You Never” is reminiscent of Rites of Spring’s “For Want Of” mixed with some Billy Talent, or something like that.


There are some moments that transcend the fun attitude the band puts forward.  Most notably the beginning and end of “The Last Sound Before Amputation”, there’s some really dark and nice guitar work that’s a good ending to the EP.


All that being said, we don’t really know who does what in the band, but it doesn’t really matter.  Check them out sometime.


-Alex Bourne