Peterborough, NH's 7th annual Thing In The Spring!


The 7th annual Thing in the Spring hits NH this June. Presented by the Glass Museum, the festival brings a series of concerts and art events to downtown Peterborough, featuring musical acts big and small from the New England region and elsewhere.


The festival provides a much-needed service to NH and non-metro New England, where most original music doesn't receive significant coverage. Cover and funk-fusion acts certainly have their place, but  over-saturation in local alt-weeklies and newspaper event listings paints a slim picture of what the area has to offer musically, and doesn't give punk, folk, ambient, and other genres the attention they deserve. The Thing in the Spring brings bands out of the woodwork and illustrates NH and New England's musical and artistic diversity, which does not make its way into the public eye often enough.


Scenes get stale and no matter how good they are, seeing the same bands every week leaves something to be desired. That's where Spring in the Thing comes in: bigger acts, smaller town, less insider's circles, and more good music.


I'm most looking forward to Pile (Boston), Death Vessel (Providence), Rough Francis(Burlington), Lady Lamb and the Beekeper (Brooklyn) and Magik Markers (Hartford). Check out the entire lineup on the Thing in the Spring website. We made a Spotify playlist with all of the bands (that have music on Spotify), too.


-Rory Cooper