Let’s Ask Questions, with Luke Csehak of The Lentils

We asked some questions to Luke Csehak of The Lentils from Brattleboro VT (until recently) about his new album Brattleboro is Flooding, out on BUFU Records, and some other things. All we know is that his music is thoughtful-crunchy-sad-psych-freak-folk goodness and that he likes Seinfeld. That’s good enough reason to check them out, but if you need a few more, read on.


SS: When did you form The Lentils, and who are they?


LC: The Lentils are me and whoever I can convince to play with me. Maybe ten people have come and gone so far. Nehemiah Saint-Danger is the longest running Lentil. He's been around since we started a year and some change ago, when my old band Happy Jawbone fell apart. Currently it's just me and him and Peter Nichols from Great Valley/Grape Room.


SS: Do you like lentils?


LC: Yes. I just ate two bowls. Honest.


SS: You seem to work with a lot of friends and artists/musicians from Brattleboro. What's your favorite part of the 'scene' there?


LC: Well I don't live in Brattleboro anymore. I'm moving to California. But I was just there for the weekend and you're right to use quotations around scene, it's more of a music friendship club, but that's probably the best thing about it. There's almost totally nothing to do in Brattleboro so you get to spend a lot of time on recording. Things get strange.


SS: How long have you been in Brattleboro?


LC: God I don't even know. Less than ten years.


SS: What's the best place there to get pizza?


LC: Everyone says the pizza there sucks but I never noticed.


SS: Many of the tracks on your recent release Brattleboro Is Flooding have titles that give a sense of darkness, disaster, loss, or danger. Was this intended? Is there an underlying philosophy throughout the album you are trying to convey?


LC: I've been writing songs about heartbreak for a long time now, but I had never actually had my heart broken so it was tough to pull off. But before I made this album, I was lucky enough to experience true heartbreak for the first time. That's why it's the best album I ever made. Also my songs can get a little on the mellow side so I gotta make sure the words are the real deal so you don't just float away. Sure it's a little sad but it's also hopeful and I hear it actually makes good make-out music.


SS: Do you think Super Troopers is an accurate portrayal of cops in Vermont?


LC: No.


SS: Real maple syrup or fake maple syrup?


LC: Real.


SS: Who are your musical influences right now?


LC: Mal Devisa, The Slits, CE Schneider Topical, my mom, Bjork, Erica Eso, Malaikat Dan Singa, drugs, Ruth Garbus, Bob Dylan, Kate Bush, biological stuff.


SS: Who's your favorite character from Adventure Time?


LC: Sorry, I'm not so good at popular culture. I know about Seinfeld. I like the one with the funny hair. Is that good?


SS: How long has Brattleboro been flooding, and what’s the source of this flooding?


LC: In 2011, Hurricane Irene caused Brattleboro to flood. It was a heady scene. This kid named Marble Arvidson went missing. I wrote a song about it. Now I flood almost every day. It's easy to flood. Flooding for fun and profit is my thing. I'm gonna start teaching workshops. Mention this interview and get a discount.