Lady Bones - Dying

Midnight Werewolf Records


Lady Bones is poised to be the next loud, raucous, and ridiculously fun band to break away from the Boston scene and get noticed on the national stage.  “Dying” is the new (and long awaited) full length from the 90’s tinged trio and it’s a hell of a first shot into the abyss of the modern underground.


Out via Midnight Werewolf Records, the release is saturated with as-of-yet-requited dreams which will resonate with the basement dwelling 20-somethings that make up Boston's independent music scene.


The lyrics, usually buried in noise in the live setting, are on display here and are full of bits of self loathing, fear, and loneliness.  The best moments on the record are when vocalist Sean Gilston addresses the plight of his generation -- “So make me feel like I used to before / When I was a child and life was knocking at my door / Cause I was never old enough to see that it's all bullshit.” (24 Hour Party Girl)  There’s an overwhelming sense of betrayal and of feeling victimized if only by the best of intentions.  The songwriting is solid and it feels like a natural extension of the music and the vocal performance is consistent and very strong.


There’s a grasp of pacing and dynamics that’s front and center in the way the record is written and assembled -- the band knows how to hold on to your attention by applying the brakes and the accelerator at all the right times.  This is an extension of the charm of Lady Bones’ live show.  They’ve become exceptional at weaving sludge and silk into songs that are simultaneously grunge-y and technically captivating (see: “Stay” and “Brother”).  They play well off of each other as instrumentalists and the result is a rapidly changing and complicated sonic statement.


Lady Bones has a bright future in a burgeoning music scene like the one in Boston right now.  They’re bound to draw comparisons to their friends in bands like Pile and Kal Marks.  They’re in good company with that crew but they’re also cutting their own path.  I’ll be excited to hear what’s next from the trio, as it will undoubtedly be pretty awesome.



- Blake Seale