Peel off of "In You, I'm Blue"

by Adam Gerhold


Taking influence from the 90’s alternative rock glory days of music videos, Idling capture some essential nostalgia with their video for “Peel” off their record, In You, I’m Blue. Decked out in a dim lit practice space and intertwined with clips of wooded exploration and outtakes that were undoubtedly the result of hanging out and filming for fun, Idling capture the simplicity of rock videos that was always most enjoyable and most appealing to me. It’s not about production value or gimmicks. it’s about capturing the essence of the song and the band. From my own personal experience seeing Idling live and hanging out with them, I can honestly say this video captures what this band is about. It’s fun as hell, honest, and real.


If you haven’t already, pick up In You, I’m Blue and support good people making good music (and videos).


Check out the video for Peel: