Goddard/ G? G! 10”


Western MA is no stranger to harboring important bands and their subsequent releases that make you want to “raise the roof”.  The new split from Goddard and Giraffes? Giraffes! sets the bar at a new level for both groups.


Goddard is a quirky and dark Worcester band who kind of reminds me of Thursday’s Waiting and The Anniversary’s Designing a Nervous Breakdown. They excel at building up songs and finishing them strongly – the end of “Midwest 95” is especially strong with shouted lyrics from both Anne Baldridge and Jason Karby.  The other song on their end of the split, “Thrushes”, is definitely my favorite of the two, really interesting guitar work on the first half and a huge breakthrough in the song about halfway through.  Their side is super cohesive (more cohesive than their past releases) and I’ll probably listen to it a bunch.


The Giraffes? Giraffes! side is everything you could imagine from G? G! plus other stuff.  I haven’t seen G? G! in probably a year, but I’ve never been disappointed, and I’m not right now either.  The drumming on the track is out of control and the guitar work is pro/really pretty. The math component is tasteful and doesn’t take away at all from the structure of the song (sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with that genre).  It’s really good – I’m pretty sure I convinced myself to buy it just writing this. The pressing looks really cool.


-Alex Bourne