Flatswamp El Jefe/Nicholas

Cage Match


El Jefe/Nicholas Cage Match is a really impressive effort from a one man band.  Theo Hartlett captures all the good goosebumps of pop-punk and throwback indie rock. It’s pop-punk done right with really catchy guitar and vocal melodies that make this an all around feel good and stand-out release from Midnight Werewolf.


I prefer the El Jefe side of the tape because of tracks like “Every Once in a While” with their edgy and ultra catchy hooks. The subtleties in the guitar playing song structure make for a tireless release that you can listen to again and again.  The El Jefe side also offers more developed lyrics, if you’re into that. The drop to half-time at the end of “Separate Ways” showcases Theo’s technical abilities as a songwriter.


You will find yourself head-bobbing and swaying sided to side with Flatswamp over and over and over and over and over again.