2013 was a great year for music. We asked a handful of people around the seacoast and across New England what some of their favorite local-ish releases of 2013 were. This is what they came up with. Take a listen!



Paper Castles - Vague Era



Fat History Month - Bad History Month



Wren & Mary - Self Titled



Guerilla Toss - Gay Disco



Queen Elephantine - Scarab



The Erotic City Electric Blues Band - Blues Band



The Landladys - Self Titled



Ancient Sky - All Get Out



Black Norse - Self Titled



Goddard/Giraffes? Giraffes! 10" Split



Bastian Void - Phonics



B.A Canning - Normal Life



Ovlov - am



Fiveighthirteen - faulting, and uplift



Flat Swamp - el jefe



Lisa/Liza - The Starbird Ceiling EP



Chandeliers - Monday EP



Vegans - Touchy Subject



Bunny's A Swine - Calling Out



Tremarche/Motel Mattress - Split



Nice Guys - Boxfort



Luau - Heat



Hello Shark - HS